360 WiFi Smart Camera (1080P)



都市人生活忙碌,家庭和工作上要兼顧的人和事實在很多。 這邊、那邊發生什麽事情都想知道看到,但可惜的就是分身乏術! 不過,360 智能攝影機就是給你的最理想解決方案。

– 守護家中老人,小孩和寵物及眾多行業適用
– 不需接線鑽孔拉線,不需電腦,裝個手機APP, 就能遠程觀看和搜尋重播
– 通過實時聲畫傳送,無論你去到那裡都可以關注攝影機前的人和事
– 強大360平台,支援無限親友同時觀,一樣流暢
– 支持SD咭及360雲端錄影儲存,保障珍貴記錄的安全性
– 實時觀看、雙向對話、錄影、夜視、人面識別,移動偵測…. 等眾多功能
– “看家”功能,為你即時報告鏡頭前的突發動態。

360 Wifi Smart Camera is the smart and simple way to secure your home and office. No matter how busy you are you can remotely monitor people, pets, places or anything you care at anytime from anywhere.

– Remotely watching elderly, baby, pet or anything
– Quick and easy installation. No cable clutter, need no computer.
– View your camera and playback remotely o any device with 360’s free app
– Powerful 360 server enable unlimited number of video shares simultaneously
– Support Micro SD card and 360 Cloud Storage to protect your valuable recording data
– Real Time Video Steaming, Two-way Conversation, Recording, Night Vision, Facial Recognition Motion Detection and more…
– Receive instant snapshot/short video alerts on your smartphone when sudden event happened in front of camera.

錄影格式: H.264, 1920×1080 dpi, 20fps, FOV視角150度(對角)
音頻通話: 雙向語音同步對講 (Full Duplex)
儲存媒體: Micro SD/TF (不包含在產品內)
WiFi連結: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
數據制式: WEP(40 bit, 128bit); WPA(AES); WPA2(AES)
攝像鏡頭: 四層全玻璃光學鏡片
夜視功能: 9顆高亮度IR紅外線夜視LED (不見光)
電源輸入: Micro USB, DC 5V/1A, 2.5米USB連線(已提供)
APP兼容: Android, iOS, PC(網頁介面觀看)
裝置兼容: 智能手機, 平板及電腦
產品尺寸: 105 x 68 x 68mm
產品重量: 102g

Video: Format H.264, 1280×720 dpi, 20fps, Field of View 110 diagonally
Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication (Full Duplex)
Storage Media: Micro SD/TF (not included) or 360 cloud storage (optional)
WiFi Connection: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Security: WEP(40 bit, 128bit); WPA(AES); WPA2(AES)
Camera Lens: 4 layers glass optical lens
Night Vision: 9 x IR LEDs provide a bright, clear image even in complete darkness
Power Input: Micro USB, DC 5V/1A, 2.5-MeterUSB cable included
APP: Android, iOS, PC(Web Browser)
Compatibility: Smartphones, Tablets and Computer
Dimensions: 105 x 68 x 68mm
Weight: 102g




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